Beyond Plateaued Safety Performance

Currently, many companies have implemented so many systems, rules, procedures, training and they are a plateau of safety performance despite of all of those times, money invested.

They believe they are operating at peak safety performance. It is not a quote from Albert Einstein, but it reflects the reality: 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'

In such situation, the first approach if doing more and more of what is not working well or not at all.  It necessary to think out of box.  A combination of factors can explain this plateau:

  • complacency

  • competing priorities

  • lack of focus

  • world-weariness

  • demotivation

FVSAFETY will support to: 

  • understand the reasons for stalled performance,

  • reshape your program, 

  • re-focus your workforce 

  • re-engage you top managers 

  • simplify your ecosystem of safety, 

  • redefine your practices, 

  • evaluate your management system, 

  • review your targets avoiding unrealistic targets that can demotivate rather than invigorate.