My Vision 'Safety is a way of life'



A value is person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.


A priority is a fact or a condition of being regarded or treated as more important


Safety is a core value, it is not a priority. 


It requires a personal commitment at all levels in the organization.



In many cases, we blame the behavior of the victim.
In the long list of behavior, we usually find a litany of words such as: 
Errors, mistakes, it can be voluntary or not, human errors, Inattentions, Distractions, Violations, Deviations, Dangerous acts ...

And of course, the list of associated sanctions is verbal warning, written warning, dismiss, ...

Do you think that a victim really wants to be injured?

The main question should be on the root causes and unfortunately, the analyses are too weak.  
An accusing finger is pointed at the individual responsibility and behavior.
Remember: To point an accusing finger at an individual is to have three fingers pointing back at you.
Three fingers pointing back at you represent:
- Organization and the heart of collective labor relations
- Management and mainly at the top management 
- Safety system at local and global level
Globally, the culture of the company and its values