A little anthology of the little sentences that we have heard?

Before the accident

Nothing can happen to me!

I pay attention!

The accident is not for me!

I am not afraid of danger!

The danger is not me, it's the others!

Safety instructions are constraints!

I hate rules! I'm a pro!

What type of danger? But no, it's not risky !

I've always done this (and nothing ever happened to me)

After the accident

I did not pay attention !

I didn't react fast enough!

The machine made a mistake!

I did not do anything  !

I don't understand because I've been doing this for 20 years

And the safety manager

I warned him

I told him not to fall

Be careful, it's dangerous!

There is nothing to do, he does not want!

It's still a mistake!

He does not respect the manual!

But we can change: 

Stay SAFE and be kind!

I also take care of them!